I’ve been focusing on work so much lately that I’ve slightly lost the concept of time.

That being said, I’ve moved into a bigger place now, built a new pc, have managed to get some study plans underway for my JPLT, have started programming/designing again and have begun to live a more stable schedule.

I cancelled my trip to Japan last May, following the tsunami, but hopefully will book again for this winter.

Although, one thing that has been bothering me lately is what the Japanese call “kuuki wo yomu” (空気を読む), which means “read(ing) the air”. You could interpret that as “reading between the lines”, or “paying attention to your surroundings/people”.

In Japanese Culture (at least from what I can tell and have experienced so far), this seems to be very important, so much so, that not being able to read into situations often leads to you being quite often misunderstood, or “forced-out” of social circles.

I say that, and you quite rightly might retort saying “well read into the situation”, it has not been so easy, one-to-one situations are fine, but group scenarios are still proving to be hard to handle, though I am making progress.

The mechanics of Japanese language are relatively simple to grasp, but making and understanding grammatically correct phrases and determining when those phrases should be used based on the emotions and reactions of people around you, are proving to be quite different and difficult tasks.

The quite old and maybe defunct slang term, “KY” (kuuki wo yomenai/空気を読めない), is given to those that can’t read the atmosphere, or who are unable to follow what is going on.

A term which I hope to part with very soon.

- updated my homepage: http://blackzilla.jp
- i’ve started using here as my main blog (english entries will be in english categories).
- i will start working on project q-kon, next week.

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