Last weekend was the first time in a very long time that I actually tuned out from everyone and all the noise and just spent dedicated time to myself, all alone.

It was so amazing that I’ve done exactly the same thing over this bank holiday weekend.

And the relaxation is so good I feel like I’m on a tropical island far from it all.

Just by spending a few hours over the weekend to myself, saying “no” to any distractions or invitations or facebook or notifications etc…

And its funny just what those few hours can do to my mood, my thought patterns, and my general well-being.

I’ve never felt so happy nor content to be myself, or at this place where I am in life in the last year.

It’s great, and even if problems come I’m dealing with them in a way to promote my happiness and overall positivity.

And seeing what effect this dedication of time has on me, I’ve now started to guard Sunday as “me” time.

Figured I’d blog post about it, since it’s rare to feel like this for such a long period of time without any stimulus.


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